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Post 5: Anna’s first NFT Drop
ColourfulBird #CNFT to drop on Friday 29/10/2021 at a price of 30 ADA for the first 80 NFTs minted.

To participate:

  1. follow @AnnaHymas on Twitter
  2. Tag 3 friends on Twitter
  3. join discord

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Post 4: Green crypto-currency Friday 1 October 2021

A big concern about selling art as a  crypto-currency is the environmental impact of computer farms mining the blockchain. But actually this is a really good reason to choose to sell your work as ADA. Cardano’s #ADA currency has a totally different process which uses much less energy. Instead of thousands of computer farms around the world racing to compute the next block in the blockchain, Cardano has a totally different process where each new block in the chain is handed to just one unit to process. This means each transaction uses a fraction of the energy of Ethereum which is the other main NFT blockchain. For more info see

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Post 3: Thursday 30 September 2021

Just finished creating the first 75 ColourfulBird NFTs. For more info join the conversation on Discord

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Post 2: Wednesday 29 September 2021

NFTs and crypto-currencies – it’s all quite confusing. So I thought I’d say a little about why I’m releasing mine on #CNFT #CardanoNFT. 

The biggest marketplaces for NFT at the moment like, are based on the Ethereum crypto-currency which would cost many hundreds of pounds in fees to mint your first collection. That’s why I have chosen a newer and much less expensive option – #CardanoNFT. Cardano have launched their own crypto-currency called ADA which is named after Byron’s daughter Ada Lovelace – often named as the first computer programmer. Both the value and the cost of ADA are much smaller so it’s a good option to get started.

This is only day three in my NFT experiment so let’s see how it goes!

#cnfts #NFTdrop #colourfulbird #NFTart #NFTartwork #ADA

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Post 1: Tuesday 28 September 2021

As a fine artist and illustrator, the world of NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens is pretty daunting. Colourful animations and punky tokens seem to be selling like hot cakes. But despite my lack of IT skills and my preference for traditional art media I think it’s important to step into this space and give people the opportunity to own a piece of digital artwork that is uniquely theirs. 

How NFT buyers will choose to display their art is another question altogether. Some may just choose to own it as an investment, but others may find creative ways to live with their collection of digital art in their home.

Luckily I’ve had the help of my friend Cyril and others to help with this art experiment. 

Here is one of today’s #CNFT #Cardano ColourfulBird images – due to release on Saturday:)

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